Saturday, February 1, 2014

Con-G is proud to welcome Scott McNeil

Con-G is proud to welcome Scott McNeil to it's 2014 guest roster!!

Scott McNeil hails from Vancouver, Canada by way of Brisbane, Australia. He started acting at the age of three and hasn't (his mom would say) stopped since. Spanning over two decades and including over 12,000 episodes, Scott's voice career began with The New Adventures of He-Man way back in (gasp) 1988. He is perhaps best known currently as Duo Maxwell in Gundam Wing, Koga, in Inuyasha, Piccolo (the first) and many others in Dragon Ball Z, Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, and Silverbolt in Beast Wars, Jetfire in Transformers Armada, and Wolverine in X-Men: Evolution, As well as Hohenheim in Full Metal Alchemist, the deeply neurotic Merb Stork in StormHawks, the amazingly inept Voltar in League of Super Evil, Ali al Satchez in Gundam 00, and the inanely musical Flam in My Little Pony

Reading Roundup

Just like I do with movies I'm going to start reviewing some of the things I read during the week. This may include novels, manga, comic books or anything other thing I might pick up. There's no way I can cover everything as I tend to read a lot of stuff but I'll try to pick out those that leave an impression on me. Good or bad.


This is another manga by Shigeru Mizuki. After devouring his Showa: A History of Japan I was craving some more of his work. This another psuedo autobiography and details his early years growing up in Japan. The focus this time is on his relationship with Nonnonba, an elderly neighbor who served as a kind of grandmother to him. It was she that introduced him to the world of yokai of which the majority of his manga work is about. In fact even this work if filled with the crazy yokai creatures! Again I loved every minute I was reading this. His writing style is fairly simple yet the small moments, such as those with his father, can have some serious meaning. His cartoony art style is also very appealing and gives the work a timeless quality. Many of the stories found in this one are also in the Showa: A History of Japan but in a truncated form. It was great getting the full stories this time around especially the one about his first encounter with doughnuts! A truly wonderful read and easy to recommend to anyone, even those unfamilar with manga.

Otaku's 10(ish) Anime Openings

RPG challenged us to do a top 10 list, but I just can't do that. For starters, I would never take it seriously. Chances would be high that I would just list 10 variations of the Sugoi yo! Masaru-san! opening to make my point that it is the greatest opening ever. However, since I want to share some openings, I've decided to limit myself to the following criteria:

1. No Cowboy Bebop, because we all already know it's the best.