Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Years

Happy New Years everyone

haha 2014 is finally here

What shall we look forward to this year hmmm?

The Winter Olympics come to mind

but I can't really think of anything else LOL

Oh wait.

There's that.



Except... I don't think that's something I'm going to be looking forward to...

I mean, yea, I totally want to get away from the house and all

but if that means separating with all these people that I have gotten to know over the years...

I don't think it's a fair trade.

Well putting the depressing stuff aside

I think some of the things to look forward to this year

Would be that new list of anime


Yea, I bet you guys all saw that one coming

So, by looking through various sources

I discovered a couple interesting titles I would like to try...


I'm still in the midst of re-watching Inuyasha LOL

I'm only on episode 70-something

and I plan to watch the Final Act as well... so...

That's kind of pushing all of my plans back

Well, I'm spending New Years at home

Just relaxing and such

I think I'll try to make heart-shaped chocolate today...

If I fail... I'll be really sad LOL

Let's just see how it goes


The biggest thing about New Years

are the resolutions

I know.

I make resolution EVERY SINGLE YEAR

and I forget about them in a week



Like my biggest one is always:

1. Stop procrastinating

and yes, it topped my list again this year... because I have failed to not procrastinate for like... the past 5 years now LOL

At one point, I think I did stop procrastinating...

but then it became too much work (does that count as a pun LOL I don't think so)

The fact that 90% of my friends and classmates are also procrastinators do not help with my situation sigh...

Okay next:

2. Get more exercise

Goal: at least 15mins a day

Now... people are like 15mins a day

Are you crazy

Well let me tell you. 15mins/day is a lot for me

I usually get -5mins/day

How do you get negative time?

Don't ask.

So yes. 15mins/day will equate to ... 1 hour and 45mins a week

That's pretty good

and this does not count me walking my dog


when I say exercise..

I mean



I should really tone my abs =w=

I have a 2 pack

from grade 10


and it stayed there


I have no freaking clue.


that's it.


I have no other resolutions to make

because those two resolutions are already going to give me a handful

if I make any more, I won't be able to keep them...

Not that I'm keeping the ones I already made...

For example:

I'm already procrastinating...

I'm supposed to be working on all the IB homework and stuff...

but I'm going to be looking at the upcoming anime lists for the next half hour...


Forgive me, world.

I think this year, I'll fail at not procrastinating once again.

P.S. Since it was the new year's I decided to take the courage to weigh myself. To my much delight, I really haven't gained any weight. MUAHAHA >:) but I think I'll stay away from chocolate for a while...


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