Monday, January 27, 2014

New TV

J. took me to Costco after the pre-op appointment and I bought my first ever TV. Have never owned one before, never thought it important enough to spend money on. This one is nice, a Samsung LED "smart TV", apparently considered "small" at 32in. Seems big to me. But am not super fond of TV. Until recently, only owned one movie (Pan's Labyrinth) and one TV series (see below). But when netflix did not have certain InuYasha episodes, I just bought missing ones, were not expensive. I like anime more than any other type of video entertainment. So have a stack of those too now. Still prefer books, but when sick or not feeling well words get hard to understand. So. New toy. To help distract self while recovering from surgery, when all usual coping methods will not be available, if pile of new books does not work or gets too frustrating.

My new TV now sits in front of sewing machine, on my crafts table. Not likely to be doing any crafts while healing from surgery. Friends Puppy, Hedgehog, and Polar Snuffles on top of TV, and new bluray player on the left (also Samsung).

The one TV series I happily watched from very beginning (1998), and yes I knew it was a silly thing to like but I never cared. It is cute and predictable. I was happy to buy entire series.

It looks good on my new TV. Too bad new blueray player is so noisy.
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