Sunday, January 5, 2014


This watercolor painting (with pencil showing through) I created mostly while I was down with a pretty gross cold. I had this image in my mind of the character Kikyo from the anime Inuyasha and was really surprised to find it's actually a pretty unique approach to representing her character (although the pose she's in with those snake-creature things is a well-known one). So I was committed to realizing my idea as well as I could.

The lineart took me forever to get just right - I'm grateful my sister Alicia can't help but be honest when she gives feedback, it helped me notice and fix a couple of issues. I plan to sell this as a print at Sakura Con - but I don't expect it to sell well, as it's a less popular (love-her-or-hate-her) character from an old anime series. But honestly this piece was more for me. I had a strong idea and I wanted to follow it through and I'm really happy with the result :-D

Plus, back in my early days of fan art I used to draw Kikyo ALL THE TIME. My skill level then just wasn't what it is now, and I never did anything that did her character justice.

(here's one of the "best" Kikyo pencil drawings I did back in 2006)

It's a good feeling seeing how far my art (and my Kikyo) has come.

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