Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Diplomas... Diplomas...

So it's the night before my stupid Social Diploma Part B...

Should I really be studying?

Well yes... because, a diploma is worth 50% of my mark after all...

and my mark right now is not where I want it to be...

except... ever since I got back from Chemistry class this morning...

I've been trying to study

It's not working very well...?

I don't even understand what my source of distraction is

(other than the fact that I'm blogging right now)

Well... last night...

I decided that I needed to watch a lot of drama

which only ended in disaster

because the episodes I watched just so happened to be like... THE SADDEST episodes in the whole freaking series

I couldn't stop crying...

I was watching on my bed...

and I cried so much that it looked like I wet my bed or something

it was that bad.

Needless to say, my eyes were all puffy this morning

and it was very hard to stay awake because I was up until 2:00am watching drama


During Chemistry class... for the first half it was just one of those typical talks about life issues

which was indirectly started by me

remember when I said that my teacher couldn't stop laughing over that one statement I made during my TOK presentation?

Well, he decided to bring it up during class today

it was wonderful (don't you love sarcasm) because the class started debating about stupid people and non-stupid people

and finally... I got fed up and decided to stick up for myself (I felt like I was being... I don't really know the English equivalent for that phrase... I need to work on my bilingual skills... maybe google translate will help! I'm too lazy to look it up) so a little after my outburst, the conversation ended

but then...

we got our test marks back


those things make me sick and stressed

I hate getting Chemistry marks back

for those people who have not yet noticed...

I am NOT a science-math person

I can do okay in the class... but I seriously hate the subjects. Which would explain my poor efforts in them :/

but anyways... yea.

To be fully honest, I would attend Social Studies class over Chemistry class any day.

Speaking of Social Studies... I need to fix up my Internal Assessment D:

Maybe I should just write a new one... my old was crap anyways. I barely got a passing grade...

serves me right for doing it the night before I guess :S sigh.

Anyways, where was I?

Test marks. Right.

Organic Chemistry.


it was like... equivalent to the nuke being dropped on Hiroshima

it was so bad

I think some of my brain cells died from the shock of how horrifying the mark was.

Luckily... I did okay on the other ones sigh


I did OKAY.

Not well.


Oh yea, after class, I went home... and took a nap.

I was seriously tired

and in the midst of my sleeping, a package arrived for me~~



A Midorima body pillow case..

He is very sexy.

and I may have lost my mind.

Yea... you know you have gone crazy when you have a pillowcase of a non-existent anime character


Let's not dwell on that for too long

I might take a picture to upload one day... but I want to buy an actual long pillow...

using two separate pillows makes him look floppy :X

Putting that aside, I had to pick up my Manservants from school

and after taking 3 steps out of my house

I wipe out


I literally just... slipped, fell and died.

It hurt.

I landed on my right side, so now my right buttocks is in pain and so is my right arm


For the rest of the afternoon, I attempted to study...

I was only like... 75% successful.

I'm taking these tests and I think I'm going to fail tomorrow's test (..)

How can I fail so bad


It's the questions.

Not me.

The questions have fault in them

*instant denial mode*

I just want to watch drama

or watch my new anime

or finish re-watching InuYasha

or read manga

or something that's not studying

but noooo

I also have that stupid French Individual Oral on Wednesday...

I might as well jump off a cliff.

Je ne peux pas parler le fran ais! not for the life of me.

My pronunciation sucks so bad, and my vocabulary is so limited it's depressing

Like... I can probably say every single French word I know within one sentence.

Okay... maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get my point.

Just who am I talking to...

I have no idea.

Why do I keep saying you?

Actually... I really hate using the word "you" for people I'm not familiar with...

it makes me feel so rude (oo)

or maybe it's just me...

no, it's just me.

but... yea

I think it's cuz I'm really used to this formality thing

I especially find it very discomforting to address my teachers using "you"

for example: this one time, my teacher dropped something and I said: "Mr. X, "you" dropped something"

and it just felt weird addressing them as that...

it felt too... familiar?

Something like that.

Wow... I am sidetracking quite a bit

and this turned out to be a really long post of useless babbles again

but then again...

I usually just blog about random babbles anyways

Babbles... that's a interesting word

I don't use that word a lot...

"A lot" is TWO WORDS

Okay. The randomness is just getting off the charts here

I don't think ANYONE is following my train of thought at the moment (except for me of course, but I'm me, so that would only make sense - wow, I really need to stop.)


I should go study

or... study.

Yea. I need to study.

Must... stop... getting... distracted.

You know... I actually had a purpose for this post.

Except, I forgot what I was going to say halfway through... darn.

If I remember... I shall post it.

Count on it.

P.S. My dog decided to sleep on the top part of the couch... and now she is kicking my head... maybe I should eat her out of revenge.


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