Thursday, December 19, 2013


Because this wasn't supposed to be just a cosplay blog, I thought that I could write about animes/mangas I'm currently watching/reading. Now days I'm really lazy when watching anime. Not meaning I'm like "bleh, do I have to", or that I wouldn't like it anymore. I just might watch two or three episodes a week, plus the still airing ones that release one episode a week.

I can only watch, like, two completed series at the time. Because for some weird principle of mine, I have to watch them like one episode of this, and one episode of that right after. I can't do like, five episodes of Inuyasha, then one DBKai. I have no idea why l'D Lately I have improved a bit on this side, because I have not felt like watching DB.

I haven really liked watching animes while they are still airing before either. When Free! started, I made an exception. And there it started.... :'D

So, currently I'm watching:

INUYASHA: Rewatching. 56/193. Inuyasha is a anime I first started during my first otaku years, I don't really remember when, but early. And it has stayed as one of my favourites until today. Koga is another of my all time favourite characters
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