Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A DELAY. Also, a post on the series Inuyasha

I do apologize but the NEXT post will be one on the Binding of Isaac. Also, I might start reviewing anime shows!

Now the series Inuyasha and Inuyasha: The Final Act. I loved it. Simply put, I loved it. It was a charming story that grew from an uneasy acquaintance/alliance due to some strange time traveling well. Into an unspoken love between 2 people and also a spoken love between another 2 people who the first 2 met along the way. My favorite character is not the main dude, or the main bad dude, or the heroine, or the fox, or most anyone. I personally liked Suikotsu with the split personality. Sesshomaru, the dude made out of diamond and the evil baby. yes in that order.

I liked Suikotsu because he is a person inhabited by 2 sentient people, one is a mass murderer, and the other is a kind physician. I like how he is so kind then he essentially becomes a feudal japan version of wolverine. Then when the 2 minds apparently merge into one and the body is of the physician as the mind is like a merged version of Suikotsu and Band of seven Suikotsu. He speaks so kindly, yet he beheads 3 people at once because they are suspicious of him. I also, as a side note, like how it looks like it was all painted. not drawn, painted. It is a nice look for it. Back to the main thing though, I liked Sesshomaru second most because he is epic, he fights things that are not of this world (later on in the season and during the final act), is immune to poison, can become a gigantic dog, is so cold to everyone and everything (but I'm guessing he was fond of Kagura though by how he acted when he could tell she was dying), has a sword that basically destroys EVERYTHING IT CUTS (imagine someone circumcising you with a weapon like that, LOL!) AND HE CAN CREATE A POISONOUS WHIP OF ENERGY FROM HIS FINGERNAIL. YOU CAN'T HATE SESSHOMARU. I like the diamond guy because, well, HE IS BASICALLY A WISE DIAMOND SKULL THAT CAN GROW AND REGROW A BODY. I liked the infant because is an evil baby .. IS SO DELICIOUSLY EVIL!!!!!! EVILE BABIES FOEVAH!!!!!!!! the character I didn't like. Hakudoshi. Yes, I know he is a good character and is pretty cool in his own right, BUT he is like a kid playing with mud (only instead of mud it is lives), he gets his hands dirty and only he and those like him like it. I found it weird that inuyasha announces all of his attacks and that line in one of the final act episodes where he is all, (insert retarded voice) "Are youu tthaying oi should yooz dis nuu tehtthoiguh!? (resentfully) Dith blayuck tetthoiguh????" It sounded weird and a little on the racist side. Sesshomaru's lines are all good. He has the consistently best lines. He even says tetsaiga's attacks better and more manly than Inuyasha does. The final act was the best. I didn't like moryomaru because he was just to asinine, pompous, and downright idiotically insulting with every word he said. It makes me want to jump into the episodes he is in and say, "YOU FUCKING IDIOTIC DIP-SHIT! GO FUCK YOURSELF INSTEAD OF SAYING ALL THESE SHITTY-ASS LINES!" and he'd stand there with his head down cowering and say, "Yes mother. :'(" (even though I am a dude) like a ever so infinitely slightly better little opposite of Sesshomaru.

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