Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This shit indeed.

In less than a month I'll be graduating and entering the possibility of the next big thing in my life. Two years of diploma in KDU was great and memorable, though I wish I actually contributed slightly more in terms of organizing events/trips for clubs and whatever. Even so I have no regrets and it was indeed an experience that would be with me for the rest of my life. :)

I miss Isaac

I believe God has a plan for me in life, so where ever he calls me to be for my degree, there's where i'll be. (though i'm scared shitless and totally freaking out) Doing my research and looking through all the universities always make me feel sick and woozy in the head.

I miss Isaac

To be completely honest, I've been avoiding my blog because every time I come across it I'm reminded that I'm supposed to write a book review every month. Which turns out to be a complete slap in the face. To say that I didn't have the time would be a big fat lie considering I've been watching tons of different series and being a fat ass bumping around and eating. (I'm not proud)

Since we're on the topic, here's my thoughts on the few series that i've been following.

Breaking bad - With all the buzz on FB, I thought i'll give it a go and watch it for myself. I stopped at mid season 3, reason being i'm tired of watching Mr White and Jesse get away from one thing to another. I feel that the script writer is constantly brainstorming on yet another coincidence just so that they wouldn't get caught. Introducing new characters and killing them off just so everything would go according to plan and played out right. On a more positive note, it is pretty realistic in terms of how they portray the life of a drug addict and a cancer patient. I felt like i learnt a thing or two watching the series as well, things like marketing and of course some theory on chemistry :P ps. my opinion could be completely bull because I didn't exactly finish the series.

Inuyasha - Yes, I'm watching anime just because I can. iKid. Just decided to be adventurous and I was bored with american films. So yeaThis i also stopped at around mid season 3? My first impression was, "Damn this anime has got as many demonic subliminal messages as any beer advertisements with sexual subliminal messages". Though it didn't exactly bother me that much

Orange is the new black - I didn't finish this series as well because it was getting boring. I only came across it because Ellen mentioned it and gave positive comments on the show but nar I didn't like it that much. Although I understand why the series would be on her field of interest and why she liked it. ;)

Vampire diaries - I constantly come and go with this series. The cheesy dialogs and typical pretty vampire boy meets mortal girl just doesn't entertain me as much as it used to.

That's about it i guess? The ones that I really like and would constantly tail one episode after another would be:

* Game Of Thrones !
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