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Kamisama Hajimemashite

TITLE: Kamisama Hajimemashite/ Kamisama Kiss

GENRE: Supernatural, Comedy, Fantasy, Love Triangle

NUMBER OF EPISODES: 13 (Plus a soon to be released OVA)





YEAR(S): 2012

MANGA: Yes (Haven't Read. Ongoing.). (Melakward is reading and likes it. ^^)



SUMMARY: When her debt-riddled Dad abandons her to be kicked out of their house, Nanami Momozono is left without anywhere to go. That is until she saves a helpless man from a dog, who then offers her his house to stay in. What he fails to mention is that his house is an old shrine, and that in agreeing to live there with him, Nanami has agreed to take over his duties as the new shrine God and deal with his furious familiar; Tomoe.

COMMENTS: When you find out that the two protagonists of a romance show hate each other in the beginning, you know you're in for a good romance ride. This was the case with Kamisama Hajimemashite, and although the idea is very cliqued it never fails to deliver.

In all honestly, I wasn't that taken by this anime at the start since it seems far too similar to the story of InuYasha; the main human girl, with special powers, being regularly saved from trouble by a demon with the appearance of a human. (Admittedly a fox demon this time rather than dog).

However, as the episodes progressed the anime drew me in and made me care about the characters.

Nanami is your typical na ve school girl, confused with her new duties but not irritatingly so. Opposite her you have Tomoe, the fox-demon who is bound against his will to Nanami as her familiar. (It might be mentioned here that to make a demon your familiar, you have to kiss them).

A familiar is sort of like a servant that is compelled to do their masters bidding. This concept could have been used in very perverted ways but due to Nanami's naivetit thankfully doesn't stray down that path.

The small number of episodes made the relationship develop quickly and satisfyingly and yet also not feel too rushed. The romantic development was balanced well with the fantasy elements of the show and one never hindered the other.

Overall, I found this a very enjoyable show with an extremely satisfying ending which I would highly recommend.

(.mkv) - Note: This will take you to Pirate Bay to download the torrent. If you find Pirate Bay unsavory, I suggest that you look elsewhere for a torrent source. I (Melakward) am currently torrenting this series from that exact link, as I intend to watch it myself as well. Looks legit to me.
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