Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For Inu Yasha Haters:

Note: That I wrote this a long time ago and still have not watched the new series.

Albeit, I did watch two episodes and got bored very quickly.

That being said, fans don't tune out yet. I have a very good analysis of at least ten episodes in the series that I think are worth mentioning.

After watching the movie, I can not stand Inu Yasha anymore. After watching 70+ episodes, I figure just to watch the last 10 minutes of episodes. He can do anything now.... He can beat anybody no matter how ridiculously powerful they are despite his horrible attack patterns. Kagome's a sitting duck. Kikyou should run out of soul or something. Naraku can't stop hiding... And after Inu Yasha beat that guy in the movie, he still can't beat Naraku, and Naraku doesn't believe Menomaru was a threat? You're kidding me.. GIVE SHIPPO SOME POWERS. He rarely shows Fox/Illusion magic ever, despite his great power. Get a new villain/hero. Show us more Sesshomaru & co! What happened to Kagura, etc..? Sesshomaru & Kikyou were wasted in that movie..

Meanwhile...somewhere in the 70S, there are 3 episodes where the SAME thing happens, except in a cooler way w/ a Sesshomaru-InuYasha-Kouga alliance... I hate the anime's Kouga, cuz they don't show why they should be allied, but at least his guys can actually fight, unlike the humans who always die every episode.. (esp Sango's village, yet not Kikyuo's..) Also, they didn't put Rin in the picture, just for the sake of not having a wolf problem vs Kouga... FIX THAT! lol The anime (not the Manga) from wut I hear.. gives NO REASON for us to like Kouga.. (for WWE fans.. TV Kouga=Snitsky, Sesshoumaru=Kane, InuYasha= Matt Hardy/Edge)
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