Monday, October 14, 2013

Kanna's everything

'Kanna' is a character from the anime series 'InuYasha'.

She's a being which only came to life as a separated part of someone else. Always carrying a mirror in which she collects human souls she is called 'Nothingness'.

I used a famous quotation of her. It's said that she as 'nothingness' is not able to understand feelings and emotional actions. But if you asked me thoughts like these prove the contrary.

She's reeeeeally short! I read her height is about 122 cm. :D

It says:

"Die Blumen verwelken und verlieren ihren Glanz,

genauso wie ich, v llig hoffnungslos in die Zeit starrend

und vom andauernden Regen fortgesp lt."

I tried to translate it: "Flowers fade and lose their shinejust like me staring into timeand washed away by constant rain."

(though my translation sucks XD )
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