Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just viewed my results of first sem and intend to blog about it. So yeah, results are good overall expect some are just disappointing. If not for my DG, i guess i would have retake the module. HAHAH. Whatever it is, i will do better next sem i suppose? Better stop playingggggg! & due to the long and boring holidays i had, i finished another 2 more dramas which includes Yonghwa's WGM. As i'm over obsessed over it due to heartstrings. It's an awesome drama that make people cried badly at the last episode. WHAT IS THIS!!!!

Secondly.. The movie that i've caught ytd. It's awesome!!! Had a long 2 hours just to scream and feel the tense @ the theater. The show wasn't about ghost yet about firefighters. Quite touching as well? Plenty emotions running through actually.! HAHAHAH.

Oh yeah, and have i mention that i was terribly sick that i've lied and stayed in my room for 2 days?! Well, it's recovering i supposed? Am so happy about it!!!

Last but not least, i am watching back anime as it's been a long time ever since i've watchedandddddd rewatched inuyasha movie series, cause i can't seems to get over my obessesion over him as well. TEHEHEH.

Had a good day ahead, as you reap what you sow. Don't get too emotional over the results. Goodbye :D
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