Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Feminist TV Shows? What?


To be extremely honest, the topic chosen for today was a bit confusing. Furthermore, the fact that I don't watch TV often doesn't help either. Any "television" I watch consist of procured anime/cartoon series off the net...So the I read about the supposed "Golden Age of Television" flew straight over my head! Seriously, the author of the wrote of names and titles as if EVERYONE is supposed to know and understand them! I knew from the first few paragraphs, the topic was a lost cause.


From what I did gather from the first few paragraphs, and what actually did make sense to me, was a statement of sexism: that there wasn't enough female influence in rising and history making television. I DON'T BUY IT. My childhood, if anything, was drowned in the animes and cartoons of the 90's and 00's -- sorta like today, except then, I'd have to stay up late at night to watch it on the tube. During those late-night hours of glazing endlessly at a screen and in the aftermath of restless nights, I would spend my time admiring not only the heroes of those epic sagas, but also the (stereotypicaly sexy, and much smarter) heroines! Lets jump back in time, shall we?


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* R. Dorothy Wayneright (The Big O, 1999)

* Okay, so she was a sidekick, but I always felt that without her, Roger Smith, the detective/giant mecha warrior, would crumble. I mean, what's Batman without Alfred? PLUS, SHE'S A ROBOT.

* Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop, 1998)

* Although at many points she plays the role of the anti-hero (i.e. displaying much greed, selfishness, foolishness), her desire to recover her memories and her eventual loyalty to her companions makes her truly fantastic. Simply the fullness of her character, her faults and greatness, make her one to be admired. Not to mention, SHE CAN HANDLE A GUN PRETTY WELL AS A SPACE BOUNTY HUNTER. Cool, right?

* Major Motoku Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, 2002)

* Honestly, she's one of my favorite. Without a doubt, she is the star of the show. She's sexy, cunning, quiet, deep, punctual, and deadly. HER ABSOLUTE COURAGE IN THE FACE OF TERRORISM AGAINST JAPAN AND HER STRENGTH AS A COVERT AGENT CYBORG HER MAKES HER ONE TO ADMIRE, FEAR, AND DROOL OVER!

* Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha, 2009)

* The tale is a story of courage and drama, as this high school girl is forced to travel back in time into feudal Japan, only to confront a reality where mythological monsters exist. While there, she has to grapple with the powers and treasures her ancestors had to save the world -- and not to mention with beasts, friends, and foes she'll make along the way. If that's not awesome, idk what is...

* Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away, 2001)

* Haku, the male role, may be a dragon, and everyone else may be a spirit of sorts, but Chihiro is a ten year old girl that has to struggle in order to regain her identity and to see her parents again. Her faith in friendship and kindness is perfect.


My favorite heroine from my childhood would have to be...*insert drum roll here*... HARUKO HARUHARA from FLCL (2000)! A spontaneous, pink-haired female from outer-space, Haruko has that perfect mix of lunacy and secrecy to truly make her a full character. Her energy is to be admired, her comedy (even her perverted-ness) is to appreciated, her butt-kicking action is to be feared, and lastly her ruthlessness is enough to make one flip out of their chair (just when you though you knew her, something goes crazy)! As an alien, ironically, she portray what the ideal of a human should be (albeit in an extreme and exaggerated manner): a person her who embraces their flaws with a touch of narcissism (balance), a person who acts with a free spirit (energetic and free), and a person who truly loves music (appreciation for the arts). Yea, did I mention she wields an electric guitar as her companion and weapon of choice? Along with being able to play tunes by Presley, Hendrix, and McCartney, it fires bullets, rockets, and can act like a flying rocket board... IN SHORT, she is one interesting character, and for that, I've appreciated her presence FLCL.
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