Monday, October 14, 2013

Current Toonami Lineup

Man I love Toonami but the current lineup doesn't appeal to all fans. Some fans don't like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and IGPX. I personally like those shows but for me the problem is that I've seen them before. Besides Sword Art Online I've seen everything on Toonami. This is why most people don't watch Toonami any more. Everything that's on Toonami has already been on there or on TV in general. The only Reason People watch Naruto is because its uncut. Everyone Likes One Piece now so that's not a problem. Even though I'm caught up to it its still good to see it dubbed and now other people who gave up on it can enjoy as well. I say Soul Eater 3 years ago but it is a good anime. When it comes on I only watch it to make fun of it in a playful manner and because the OST is just so good. I think everyone likes Soul Eater so there's no problem with that. I never saw SAO when it came out so I'm glad that it got dubbed and put on Toonami. SAO seems to be doing pretty good. I don't really hear any complaints about it. IGPX is good in my opinion but other people don't really like Mecha Anime. Especially since its about racing. IGPX is not as entertaining as everything else. No one cares about Star Wars except Star Wars fans. It really shouldn't be on Toonami since its not anime. When it comes to classics Big O and Inuyasha are the only two series that are currently on Toonami that get a break. We don't really see these two anime often so its good to see them even though I don't watch them. I've seen all of Inuyasha and Big O. There is no point of me staying up trying to watch it. No one really watches FMA: Brotherhood because it already had a run on Toonami. That was just dumb for them to replay it as soon as it ended. Ever since Cowboy Bebop came to Cartoon Network it has never been off. Isn't this its 4th run on Toonami? And when we didn't have Toonami it was never not on Adult Swim. I love Cowboy Bebop but its time for it to take a long rest. Bleach is currently ongoing in the US so I have no problem even though I'm caught up to the manga. Overall the Toonami Lineup isn't bad because we have the big 3 and other great anime but for other fans like me its shit because we've seen everything on it. I love Toonami but at the same time I know it can be better.
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