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Anime DVD Review: Inuyasha Fifth Season Box Set

The Inuyasha Fifth Season Box Set includes five DVDs that contain 27 episodes of the series. The first three discs contain five episodes, the fourth disc contains six episodes, and the fifth disc includes six episodes and the special features.

This season of Inuyasha advances the story much more than season four did. This season also sees some major character development for Inuyasha, especially in the final two episodes in this DVD box set. The fifth season also introduced the story arc with the Band of Seven; this was a decent story arc, which ultimately leads up to the return of Naraku. The final two episodes in this set can be intense, but they're very important episodes for the overall story. I would have to say that the final three episodes on the fifth disc are my favorite episodes in this box set.

The Band of Seven arc begins when Kohaku uses one of the seven shards of the Shikon Jewel to resurrect Kyokotsu, who begins to attack the northern wolf yokai tribe. Koga comes to save the tribe, and ends up battling Kyokotsu. Inuyasha and his friends encounter the next two members of the Band of Seven: Mukotsu and Jakotsu. They are followed by Ginkotsu, Renkotsu, Suikotsu, and Bankotsu. Before encounter Bankotsu, Inuyasha and the others begin to head to Mount Hakurei after learning about it from Kikyo.

By the end of this set, a major event involves Kikyo, Naraku is reborn from Mount Hakurei and casts out the heart of Onigumo, and a seventh incarnation of Naraku is born. Inuyasha must also wrestle with his feelings for both Kikyo and Kagome.

When it comes to the DVD set itself, you can watch the episodes with either the English dub or with the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

There are a total of two special features that appear on the fifth disc of the set. The first feature is labeled as, "Inuyasha Special Footage," which runs for 11 minutes and basically explains who the characters are, as well as some of the concepts that appear in the anime series. Most of the footage seems to concentrate on the second season, although there is one shot from the third season; the piece ends with a lead-in to the fifth season. I would assume this piece was produced to promote the fifth season of Inuyasha, even though it hardly used anything from season three, and completely ignored season four. But considering that a vast majority of the Inuyasha Fourth Season Box Set contained "filler" stories, I can see why episodes from that section were ignored for this feature.

The only other special feature on the disc is "Textless Ending," which includes the textless versions of both of the ending credits that appear on this box set. The two endings have been put back-to-back as one piece. This is a feature I have come to expect from Viz's releases for the Inuyasha anim series.

If you're a fan of Inuyasha and want to have all the episodes on DVD, then you need to acquire this set. This DVD box set is a "must have" if you're an Inuyasha fan that wants to have all the episodes of the series in your home video collection.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of the Inuyasha Fifth Season Box Set that my husband and I purchased.
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