Thursday, October 10, 2013

After the survival

Hello everyone, it's been a long while! First I'd like to apologize to you all for not writing more than three posts last month. I have a good reason, one annoying fellow called matriculation examinations. It didn't take all my time - I really did things that weren't related to studying as well, like re-reading Inuyasha and watching some stupid soap opera - but somehow my inspiration for pictures and writing was lost. But now, after the hell is left behind, I feel more energetic again and will continue telling about my every-day life to you. So once more, sorry for the long pause, but thanks for waiting for me.

After spending a nice, relaxing day with JoQQ by feeling like pigs and drooling for Dimitri, the new school period was about to start. Today was a special project day, considering the theme water, and I was forced to hold the position of a photographer. Our high school is taking part of the Comenius project - Wasserleben Was Tun - during which some lucky of us are able to spend a week abroad, work on the theme and get to know people from other European countries. Students from Germany, Hungary, Latvia and Poland are also participating this project and the first trip will be made in less than two weeks, when five upbeat seniors of the German group are leaving for S mmerda, myself included! The only money-related thing that I need to worry about is shopping: our beloved European Union is paying our whole trip. Since German isn't my strongest language, I'm actually feeling a bit worried. But I'm really trying to rehearse the words and grammar before the trip, so hopefully my close-enough communicating skills will turn out to be okay. But really, going abroad for free will definitely be worth of it, and I've always wanted to see Germany. Plus straight after that I'm going to another trip, so October will be full of travelling and different cultures. ~ Guess who is more than pleased?

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