Monday, October 21, 2013

A New Experience

Just recently, I have just start reading my first manga, ever, called Pokemon Adventures. You could call me strange since you're clearly reading a post about someone who just started reading a manga (especially one about pokemon), but this was a whole experience for me.

As implied, I've never read a manga before because of the fact that I wasn't interested into comic books or anything that closely resembles as such, and manga were considered as black and white Japanese comics from my point of view back then. However, all of that changed after I read a chapter of the first Pokemon Adventures manga book that I found in a nearby bookstore while shopping with my mother. I was completely astounded once I read the first few pages, I did not expect a manga, a pokemon manga no less, to be very good both by story and design. That had been one of the most interesting reads of my life and I couldn't believe it was a black and white Japanese comic book about an altered story of pokemon.

Like many people out in the world, I'm a pokemon fan, but not an extreme one since I like to watch other kinds of anime like Attack on Titan,Fullmetal Alchemist, Inyuasha and Naruto. That's what I usually was, a person who likes to watch anime that did not had any interest on the manga adaptions, until now. Once I read more into the Pokemon Adventures, I was shocked and excited to easily realize the difference between this series and it's anime counterpart. For one: the story in the manga is a lot more serious and grim as the main protagonist(s) continues through the story-line, two: Ash Ketchum is the only main character in the Pokemon anime but in the Adventures series (manga) there's more than one central protagonist, and finally: pokemon battles in the manga are more brutal in severe as pokemon could have the possibility of DYING during the fight. This was not very surprising to me, since Pokemon Adventures (as a manga) it was meant to be viewed by readers in there mid-to-late teens.

This has been a small recollection on the experience I had on confronting something that was new to me. I hope to dwell more into this experience by reading more series of manga by more than one franchise like Naruto or Inuyasha, but still continue to read more entries with Pokemon Adventures as it was the reason on how it got me to have an interest within this field of Japanese art.
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