Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to the 90's: Anime Childhood Favourites

I've been a TV addict for as long as I can remember and watching Anime was definitely the highlight of my day. So I thought what better way to start my blog than to go back to the past, to visit some of my favourite Anime series. I know that there are so many more Animes that I've missed, but these were the only ones I could watch on TV at the time. Life was so tough without YouTube

ATTACK NO. 1 is hands down my all-time favourite. Mila was my childhood hero. It was really inspiring to see her fighting her way through tough opponents, tyrannical coaches, mean team mates and heartbreaking losses. I've watched the entire series again a few years ago and I still loved it as much as I did as a child.

Of course, no 90s Anime list would be complete without SAILOR MOON. I am pretty sure I would have never known all planets of our solar system without Sailor Moon, which I think is a pretty good proof that watching TV is very educational! I had a lot of much fun watching and re-enacting Sailor Moon. I was usually Sailor Mercury or Sailor Saturn :)

INUYASHA, WEDDING PEACH and CAPTAIN TSUBASA are series I've only watched recently from the beginning to the end. As a child, I've watched many random episodes, but I've never watched it in the right order.I've now watched all episodes and I loved it!

As for THE ROSE OF VERSAILLE and CAT'S EYE, I've never watched all episodes, but I think might give it a try soon if I can find it online. Last but not least, we have POK MON. Pok mon was actually one of the last Animes I've watched on TV, before I thought I was too old for Anime (as if you were ever too old for that!) :) Pikachu is just the cutest thing ever, I wish I had a Pok mon!

What are your favourite childhood animes? By the way, does anyone else thinks it's really weird to watch an Anime dubbed in another language than you are used to?

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