Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anime Revolution 2013

For this year, I had the opportunity to see ORIGA live and interview Yamaguchi Kappei, Furuya Tohru. If those names didn't get your attention. Yamaguchi Kappei is the voice of Ussop in One Piece. Along with that, Yamaguchi has voiced Ranma and Inuyasha. For Furuya Tohru, think of Gundam, and now think of Amuro Ray. Yes, THE Amuro Ray from the Gundam Universe. If that didn't interest you, what about Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask or Pegasus Seiya from Saint Seiya? Either way, it was great being able to meet Yamaguchi and Tohru. To ask a few questions and have the opportunity to have a photo with them. Along with that, just like any other convention I attend, there will be cosplay photography.


Opening ceremonies

ORIGA at the opening ceremonies, performing a song from GITS:SAC.

After the opening ceremonies I decided to check out Jessica Nigiri's panel and the Q&A panel for ORIGA.

After the panels, I had some time to see a few of the cosplay contest entries.

With many thanks to Ms. Nigiri, we managed to get some time for a shoot. There is one thing I can say about the shoot, it was fast and I was furiously aiming for the shots. If you want to see more head over to my Facebook page D.I.S/C Photography.

After the shoot, I decided to focus on cosplay photography and was invited to a shoot for the Official PAX Prime 2013 RWBY team.

(Left to right) , , ,

With the shoot over, the swimsuit contest underway, I decided to check it out and end the day.


For the majority of Day 2, I spent the day doing more press coverage. Checking out the Aniplex Industry panel, Yamaguchi Kappei's autograph session, and ORIGA's concert.


Even though the amount of information about the series is limited. I am excited for Kill la Kill. After the panel, raffle ticket door prizes were given out, and we were told of a promotion for checking out the viewing of the Sword Art Online (SAO) episode 1 and 2 dub. Even though I saw the world premier of SAO episode 1 and 2 dub with Kawahara Reki, Luna Haruna and Eir Aoi. I wanted to see the episodes again but I had press materials to attend too.

Oh my goodness, Sakuyamon.

After ORIGA's live concert in the evening. Called it a day and prepared for Day 3.


For the final day of Anime Revolution 2013. In cooperation with SUTORAIKUanime, we interviewed Furuya Tohru & Yamaguchi Kappei in the morning hours. After the interviews, I decided to enjoy the rest of Anime Revolution 2013 by browsing the Dealers/Artist Alley, and cosplay photography before the closing ceremonies.

Isho Cosplay

A change from Anime Revolution 2012, even though the location was at Canada Place. I was pleased they decided to have the panel areas in separate rooms. Overall, I had fun at Anime Revolution 2013.

If you are interested in reading the interview transcripts with and . Head over to .

(Written For Cosplay Victoria By D.I.S/C Photography)
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