Saturday, August 31, 2013

All About Me

Ok, So I Really Didn't Say Much About Myself In The First Post I made. Sorry If So My Letters Are All Caps, I'm posting This from My Tablet, So It's Putting Each I Put In Caps At The Beginning. The Rest Won't Be Caps Because I Typed This On My Laptop, Then I Sent This To Myself, Then Pasted It To This.


I am 14 years old and I am currently in the 9th grade. I can speak 2 different languages. Japanese and English. My current resident is in GA. I love video games and anime. My talents are drawing, writing, arts and crafts, singing, and dancing. I never Really Sing Or Dance In Front Of People But If I Do, I'm Just Being Silly. I love lots and lots of anime and video games. But I can't tell you all of them because that would take too long. I've had 12-13 games systems and I currently have over 300 games on my wii. My most aveorite games are the "Tales Of..." Chronicles. I grew up the anime series "Inuyasha" I don't do most things girls do. But I do like dresses. skits, and heels. But the only reason I would step foot in a mall is to go into the game stop that is inside. Anyway, I am terrified of Bees and I'm probably one of the most funniest people that you'll ever meet. Funny literally runs through the family.

Here Are Some Of My Anime Facts:

I Hate Kagome And Marta. I love Alice, Dexus, Tenebrea, Raine, Kikyo, And Kanna.

My Element I like The Most Is Either, It Is The Most Mysterious To Me. It Is The Space For All The Other Elements.

Here Are Some of My Pictures :3

Don't Worry If You See My Pictures And Art On Other Websites. Like WordPress Or DeviantART, Or Even Papaya. I Have A LOT of Different Accounts On Different Websites.
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