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Lee Donghae word publishing () (born 15 October 1986), better known as Donghae (lit. East Sea), is a Korean singer and occasional actor. He is part of the thirteen member South Korean band Super Junior. He is one of the three main dancers alongside bandmates Eunhyuk and Shindong, and is part of its subgroup, Super Junior-M. Donghae is also one of the first four Korean artists who have appeared on Chinese postage stamps. Donghae was born in Mokpo, Jeollanam on October 15, 1986. Donghae initially wanted to become an athlete, but under the influence of his father, who once wanted to become a singer, Donghae decided to train to become word publishing a singer. In 2001, Donghae successfully signed a contract with SM Entertainment soon after he won jointly with Sungmin SM Youth Best Contest, future partner band. According to SM Entertainment, Dong Hae was put in singing, dancing, and acting to take lessons in the same year. He was then recruited into a boy band called Smile, with future band mate Leeteuk, but the idea was quickly word publishing abandoned. In 2004, together with Donghae, Leeteuk - has been another boys band and formed Super Junior with eleven other trainees. Group later became known as Super Junior

05, the first generation of the group alleged that the music rotation, Super Junior. A few days before debut, Donghae made a brief appearance in November 2005, the show's Shin Dong Yup, There Is, There Is not. 08 August 2006, Donghae's father died of cancer. The event proved to be another difficult memory for him due to the close relationship they had. In the fourth album Super Junior (2010) Donghae thanks word publishing her father. word publishing His best friend is fellow band Eunhyuk partner, you know for more than 10 years. Film Year Title Role Other notes 2007 Attack on the Pin-Up Boyshimself limited word publishing release in South Korea Television series Year Title Role Network Other notes 2007-08 Explorers of the Human Body SBS series regular Himself (13 episodes) 2009 Stage of Youth himself CCTV2 cameo (Episode 12) 2010/2011 It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter word publishing Choi Wook-gi SBS 2012 supporting role Skip Beat! Shang Jieyong / Bu Po Shang GTV lead role (13 episodes)

2013 (3) February (1) March (2) 2012 (5) May (1) May (1) April (1) March (2) 2011 (12) October (2) September (1) August (9) BoA = Inuyasha!?? SNSD-Bad Girl Help Kpop fans! Super Show 1 - Marry You Super Show 1 Donghae - dancin 'CUTE! Leeteuk (Eetuk)-aka Teukie-hyung = trpuei Good Beginnings leader in all elves!
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