Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Sentence Movie Reviews

I had an idea at work today. I originally intended one of the main components of my blog to be for movie and book reviews. I realized that I hadn't been doing much of that, and there were so many movies I'd seen since I started this, but that I didn't have a whole post to write about. So, instead, mostly because of my laziness, I'll start doing two sentence movie reviews where I pick 10 movies or T.V. shows that I've seen and give a brief synopsis of my reactions to them. Occasionally I'll do a real review for a movie, but only if I feel like there's a real reason to! So here you go - 10 movies I've seen reviewed in two sentences with a starred review as well! :)

OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFULThis movie was a painfully campy, overacted, candy colored, mockery of the original which created as many questions as it sought to answer. Strangely enough I wound up enjoying it. 3 flying baboons out of 5.

Whisper of the Heart

Miyazaki truly shone in this incredibly adorable G rated coming of age story, which, coincidentally, is best watched in the original Japanese (the English dub changes key plot points), about a young girl who seeks to discover who she truly is, and the boy she's come to admire. I cannot convey with mere words how much I've come to love this movie. 6 cat statues out of 5.

Doctor Who series 7

I really really really love this show, and I really wanted to love this season (I've been trying super hard to get over Ten's departure) but I didn't. I didn't hate it, but I just really hope that the 50thanniversary steps it game up (Moffat, I'm talking to you). 3 mysterious companions out of 5

The Last Unicorn

As a child I passed over this movie many times at the rental place. I would pick it up, look at it, and then rent Sky Dancers - that was a mistake. 4 butterflies out of 5.

There's No Business like Show Business

My mom and I wanted to watch a musical together and Ethel Merman seemed like a good choice. Coincidently my first musical introduction to Marilyn was not a disappointment in this super cute and quirky vaudeville tribute. 4 scandalous costumes out of 5.


I've known about this anime for a long time, but finally decided that I should watch it, and I've not regretted it. It's pretty hilarious, and it's been a fascinating introduction to Japanese mythology!4,000,000,254 Lost Jewel Shards out of 50 kazillion.

Quigley Down Under

My family made me watch this with them. The scandalous aborigines were the best part after Alan Rickman. 2dead bad people out of 5.

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I had super high expectations for this Star Trek sequel, and I was not disappointed. All the actors were fantastic, heroes and villains alike, plus Mickey, from Doctor Who, had a role! 4Sassy Vulcans out of 5.

The Aristocats

My friends and I watched this after we couldn't get into a pre-screening of Monsters University. I'd forgotten how fantastic this movie was. 5 scat cats out of 5.


When this came out in 2007 I loved it so much I saw it twice, twice. Upon further reflection, the book is better and the fact that I've grown up is a little sad to me. 3fallen stars out of 5.

Well there you have it, 10 movies I've seen semi-recently and my thoughts on them! Tell me what you think. (p.s. two posts in two days!?! Madness!).
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