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Stacking the Shelves & Weekly Recap (21)


A meme hosted by Tynga\\\'s Reviews [2] where we share all the books we received during the week.

The last stacking the shelves post was on Mach 16, which means I haven\'t done a haul post in over two months. I\'ve accumulated quite a few books in that time:

* Clockwork Princess [4] by Cassandra Clare

I actually pre-orderd this from Amazon, but it came a week late. I always thought you would receive pre-ordered books on the release date. I\'ve already read Clockwork Princess and really enjoyed it. I\'ve also written the review, which should be posted soon (hopefully).

* The Name of the Wind [5] by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind is a highly praised fantasy that I know I need to give a try. I love how the book is about the whole life of the main character.

* Chronicles of the Black Company [6] by Glen Cook

This is a bind up of the three books in The Books of the North series. I love this edition\'s cover.

* The Golden Lily [7] by Richelle Mead

I was so excited for this, but after reading it, I was pretty disappointed. The writing was just so lazy and I know the author can do better. Considering how fast she\'s writing these books (plus all the other series she has going on), I\'m going to say she rushed it and should have worked on it more.

* The Summer Tree [8] by Guy Gavriel Kay
* A Song for Arbonne [9] by Guy Gavriel Kay
* The Lions of Al-Rassan [10] by Guy Gavriel Kay
* The Last Light of the Sun [11] by Guy Gavriel Kay
* Tigana [12] by Guy Gavriel Kay

I went to a signing last month and the author signed all these books for me. I really love Kay\'s writing. Look out for a review of The Summer Tree!

* Vampire Knight, Volume 1 [13] by Matsuri Hino

I already read most of this manga series, but now I have my own copy of the first volume.

[14]* InuYasha, Volume 25 [15] by Rumiko Takahashi
* Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Battle, Volume 2 [16] by Yukito Kishiro

I\'m trying to learn Japanese and I found these two Japanese manga in a used bookstore.

* The Magician\\\'s Guild [17] by Trudi Canavan

This was a fun read, review will be up soon.


* Lightbringer [19] by K.D. McEntire (Thanks to Pyr)
* Never [20] by K.D. McEntire (Thanks to Pyr)

I believe this series is a retelling of Peter Pan, which sounds really good!

* Repear\\\'s Legacy [21] by Tim Lebbon (Thanks to Pyr)

I really love the cover!

* Dark Triumph [22] by R.L. LaFevers (Thanks to Thomas Allen & Son)

I loved the book before this, Grave Mercy (my review [23]), and this sequel did not disappoint! Look out for a review of Dark Triumph soon.

* If You Found Me [24] by Emily Murdoch (Thanks to St. Martin\'s Press)

Curious to start this one, it seems to have gotten very good reviews on Goodreads. If you\'ve already read If You Found Me, what did you think?

* The Reluctant Assassin [25] by Eoin Colfer (Thanks to Disney Hyperion)

I loved Eoin Colfer\'s Artemis Fowl series (check out my review for the first book in the series here [26]) and I\'m curious to see what he\'ll come up with next.

*School Spirits [27] by Rachel Hawkins (Thanks to Disney Hyperion)

Hawkin\'s Hex Hall (my review [28]) series was hilarious and I hope this new spin-off lives up to it.

* The Summer Prince [29] by Alaya Dawn Johnson (Thanks to Scholastic Canada)
* The Time I Joined the Circus [30] by J.J. Howard (Thanks to Scholastic Canada)
* Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality [31] by Elizabeth Eulberg (Thanks to Scholastic Canada)
* A Corner of White [32] by Jaclyn Moriarty (Thanks to Scholastic Canada)

This was a nice surprise from Scholastic Canada, all of them sound pretty good.

* The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black [33] by E.B. Hudspeth (Thanks to Quirk Books)

This has wonderful illustrations. Half of it is a biography about a mad scientist and the other half is Gray\'s Anatomy for mythological creatures:
[34] [35]

* A Funny Little Bird [36] by Jennifer Yerkes (Thanks to Source Books)

This is a really cute picture book about a lonely little bird that tries to get friends by adorning himself with flashy feathers and flowers.


* Three [38] by Jay Posey (Thanks to Osprey Publishing)
* The Lives of Tao [39] by Wesley Chu(Thanks to Osprey Publishing)
* The Mad Scientist\\\'s Daughter [40] by Cassandra Rose Clarke(Thanks to Osprey Publishing)

These three were a nice surprise. They all sound really good, but I\'m especially excited to start The Mad Scientist\'s Daughter.

* Flickereach character has their own voice and there are also sound effects.
CURRENT GIVEAWAYS: [74] [75](Press on covers if you\'re interested)

If you\'ve read this entire monstrosity, thank you! I really need to go on a book buying ban or only buy a book after I\'ve read five.Hope you all enjoyed your week! Please leave a link to your Stacking the Shelves, IMM or whatever book haul posts down in the comments! :)

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