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One Piece, up to the episode 3. Next is Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

I know, comparing to what One Piece has to offer I watched nothing. Three episodes, all they did was introducing three characters, one of them is a side kick. So, I basically have no right to judge this anime.

But I will ^^

When you have watched some amount of fighting shonen anime you get used to the ideas those shows try to convey, as well as the story lines and personalities you are getting. Of course, each anime is unique, but there is a lot of similarities.

So I going to make a quick run over One Piece and compare it to other shonen fighting series I have seen, namely Soul Eater, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail.

THE START of the show is quite good. It takes you in. It is a character driven story, so obviously the first N (put your number in) episodes are going to be character introductions. One Piece so far was doing 'new character - new event' type of thing, kind of what Fairy Tail and Soul Eater were doing. Though, Soul Eater made it awfully bad. I would say that the best character introduction belongs to Bleach, where characters appear only when the story needs them (I'm talking about the first 50-60 episodes). On the other hand, if we are talking about introducing the world, where the show takes place, then Naruto would take the lead. So, overall One Piece is not best, but very decent, when we talk about the start of the show.

Zoro, the first guy Luffy recruited

TENSION. Well, I can't say I felt any tension whatsoever so far. It is probably the most relaxed show of all on the list. And they even promised a flashback for the fourth episode, which makes me wonder. Even Soul Eater, with its bad start, managed to put some sort of uncertainty into the first couple of episodes.

CHARACTERS. I have seen only few of them, but they seem to be nice (in a sense that they don't want to hurt others for no reason). I'm talking about good guys, bad guys are all obnoxious. Also, people have dreams and goals here. Much like in Naruto. Luffy wants to be the king of the pirates just as bad as Naruto wants to be hokage. I think I prefer Ichigo, who wants nothing.

THE WORLD. The world seems to be rather like the world in Fairy Tail. In a sense that the laws are not set too tightly and can be changed pretty easily. That is jut an impression I've got. I prefer Naruto model, where the world is both explained and have pretty tough rules that you can't break. Though for long running series it has its fire backs, of which every Naruto fan can tell you. Basically strict rules make the author twist them around, which is painful.

Too bad I haven't got to see her for real. Maybe later.

FIGHTING. Fighting is quite good, thanks to Luffy supernatural abilities. So far this anime avoided displaying blood, and that is really weird, if you think about it. It is a pirate anime, pirates kill people with knives, swords and bullets, how can you not have blood in your story. Well, so far I got an impression that this anime will have nothing to do with real pirates. I wouldn't compare the fighting style here with anything else I have seen, mostly because I thing I should watch much more before I can really get the idea.

I think I should stop here. One Piece is a good anime if you like shonen fighting anime. If not, you will find some better application for 300 hours of your time (that is about how long the whole show is).

Here is an update to my "take a peek" list:

* INUYASHA (done - , , )

* MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM (done - , )

* D.GRAY-MAN (done - , )

* ONE PIECE(done - )

* Legend of the Galactic Heroes

* Prince of Tennis

* Dragon Ball

* Pokemon

* Sailor Moon

* Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

* Dragon Ball Z

* Gintama

* Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Here is what all this thing is about:

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