Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lost in Translation

Let's play a game.

Your job:

Think of a (fictional/animated) character. Describe him/her/it to me in words (via comments). Please be detailed, but don't say what/where they are from!

My job:

I'll be drawing your characters based solely on your description, and I will post the results here!

If you choose to include color in your description I will draw in color. Otherwise, it will probably be just a sketch or line drawing.

No guarantees on quality or on how long it will take, but I will try to get to all of them eventually!

Feel free to reveal the identity of your character after he/she/it is drawn :)

That's it. Gogogo!Update 7.19:

Back to drawing these again! Starting with...

Sesshomaru! My fur boa drawing skills are somewhat suspect. But here you are, the antihero of the popular anime series InuYasha (according to Wikipedia). Despite this being one of my childhood friend's favorite people ever, I actually didn't know who this was or what he looked like before starting. Also teehee it's a yellow bow.

Finished this young gentleman at the same time as Sesshomaru, but still waiting for feedback on who this is! My best guess is (wiki link to Diogenes' brother, which is much information as I could find). I am not at all familiar with the novels, so hopefully the person who gave me this description can tell us a little more!

I also can't seem to find a nice image of him, so enjoy the picture of a turkey in the mean time.Update 6.22:

Drawing these now!

Description #1:

Be proud of me, I refrained from googling this guy even though I knew who this was (thanks to internet memes whoo). Meet Fry from Futurama, along with my take on his description!

This was probably a record on completion time, it took me about 15 minutes total. A bit sloppy, but I wanted to keep these at a sketch-y rough quality, so that I don't get bogged down in my perfectionism. Enjoy!

Description #2:

Definitely took some liberties with this one, partially because I also knew who this was. Meet Zoidberg, also from Futurama, plus my rather strange rendition. I googled "schlimazel" and thought it was the saddest thing ever, thus the sadness. Also I forget how many legs lobsters have. Oh well. Two down!

Description #3:

Whoever gave me this description really needs to tell me who it is.. Kudos to you for choosing basically everything I cannot draw, which has made me hate and respect you all at once. So much googling, so many tears. But definitely great practice!

Update: I found him! I have friends with amazing deductive abilities holy crap .. Meet The Comedian, from Watchmen! Great description overall :)

Description #4:

No description necessary for this young man. Meet Kvothe, from The Name of the Wind. If you are not familiar with this character, go get the book and read it! Definitely one of the best fantasies out there. Here is a quick sketch of how I imagine him (in book 1): somewhat girly and unimpressive, but it's the character that counts.
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