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It’s all about UST

Books,movies,tv series and comics are my world. But,you know,it's not always easy to find that plot that makes you want to continue, that makes you CRAVE FOR MORE, until you buy another volume, pay for another ticket or click on "online streaming".

There could be many reasons why a story makes you keep going. And that could be the amazing writing style, or the personality of the main character, the development of the subplots, or it could just beUST.

For the ignorant, stupid and boring still not informed enough about the geeky culture people out there:

"UST" Unresolved Sexual Tension

An acronym commonly used in fandoms to describe sexually charged relationships between characters in which impulses are not acted upon.


Let's face the horrible truth. It's not just the plot. It's not just because you really like literature, or that genre was always your passion since you were a fetus.

Unresolved Sexual Tension keeps us glued to the page (or the PC screen,it's your choice).

The tension between the two character is so thick and palpable and so unresolved you keep watching just because you wanna see them make out roughly and deeply until they don't have any air to breathe.

UST is one of the reasons some shows are so addicting and so engaging.

Here are the most UST-y couples I've met so far:


Really. What should I say?

The term UST was born BECAUSE of Mulder and Scully. I mean,their sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife like jelly.

If you know what I mean

They do finally make out, but it took them about 7 seasons? Thank you very much. THAT, my dears, is unresolved. At least for many, long years.


I had UST-y feelings from the very early encounters between the two of them. Even though there's also the couple Buffy/Angel (full of UST,too), I always felt a lot more tension between the Vampire Slayer and Spike.

At least,it took them longer. (Isn't it weird how the longer, the better applies in a masochist way here?)


DOES IT NEED SAYING? (ok,ok,don't kill me!)

Since the last episodes of the first season, when the Doctor was in his Ninth incarnation, I began feeling UST everywhere. I mean, everywhere.

Then came the Tenth incarnation, and, voil ! Jealousy, stolen kisses, fights and love quarrels.

I love them so much! They will always be my OTP *cries desperately*


I don't even have to explain. LEMME PLAY THE GIFS OF MY PEOPLE.

In case you're wondering, NO, they're not canon yet. (thank you very much!)

SHERLOCKSherlock could also be asexual, but he has those Irene Adler moments. And John. Oh, Jawn.)

Whether you want to see them as a romantic couple or not, you can't deny the UST.

And, just because I love Animes,


It took them so. much. damn. time. And with Kikyo still ruining the moment. I was so relieved when they finally kissed, but as a couple they frustrated the hell out of me.

So, I'm not saying that UST is the only reason why you watch a show, or read a book, or go to the cinema to watch a movie. But it's sometimes fundamental. They frustrate the viewer SO MUCH he/she can't help but want to see if they're eventually going to resolve all of those tension.

And trust me, the longer, the better. You'll end up so frustrated about the two of them the writers will be forced to make something happen *wink wink*. Okay, no, I'm kidding. It's just my FANGIRL FANTASY who's talking.

What about you? Who do you think are the most UST-y filled couples?

The awkward geeky girl.
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