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I want to see itachi lay the smack down on sasuke again sasuke: you may believe that my ninja way is

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Which Edo Uchiha Would You Rather Sasuke Confront?

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Reunion with Sasuke and Itachi would be a lot more interesting for obvious reasons in my eyes. Now that Sasuke has been dragged into the darkness thetford australia so far and mislead so much by Tobi, it would be interesting to see his reaction when Itachi exposed the truth to him. Knowing Sasuke it wouldn't probably change thetford australia

anything, but it would definitely be an interesting conversation. I imagine Itachi would try to show him the wrong in his ways and Sasuke would go on a tangent about how he's taking Itachi's ideals and moving them to the next level, stating that Itachi never had the guts or power to do. I doubt there would be a battle though because thetford australia that's kind of redundant being killed by the same person twice in a row.

I'd kind of rather see Sasuke and Madara meet up. I mean as far as Sasuke and Itachi...what more is there to say really? Sasuke is already well aware that Itachi thetford australia

wouldn't approve thetford

australia of his actions and has said that he doesn't care. I can't really see Itachi changing his mind. Sasuke would simply tell Itachi that he'll be avenged whether he wants to or not, and I doubt Itachi could to anything

to stop him. OTOH, considering that Sasuke is becoming Madara Jr., I think he'd get along with Madara pretty well. They could have some pretty interesting "Why I hate Konoha" conversations. Sasuke is pretty much the evil, Konoha-hating, revenge-obsessed son that Madara never had. Though I guess it might bring up some awkward questions thetford australia about that Tobi guy.

I want to see itachi lay the smack down on sasuke again sasuke: you may believe that my ninja way is wrong...BUT WHO CARES I have EMS itachi: your not going to run at me screaming like normal? sasuke: thetford australia I'm not the uchiha dog, you come here itachi itachi: too late, you are already within my genjutsu sasuke: my eyes see past your genjutsu thetford australia itachi: no sasuke, this genjutsu is different, the only way to defeat it is to fuse amaterasu with your body. it is unlike every other genjutsu sasuke: fuse amaterasu with my body? I can do that "amaterasu" ah damn, this genjutsu is so real, I feel like every part of my body is turning to ash. itachi: just as planned itachi and nagato taking over 1 division at a time to all the unfunny trolls

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If Tobi has a problem with you, he'll probably spend a year scheming, plotting, and conniving behind your back, and may manipulate one of his subordinates thetford australia into attacking you. And will have like five contingency plans in case that doesn't work. If Madara has problem with you he'll probably just throw a meteor at you.

Personally I'm torn between the two choices because Sasuke

and Itachi having a sort of reunion could be a lot better with the plot (depending on how Kishi would portray it) and would be interesting if they did have a rematch. But Sasuke Vs. Madara would be such a badass fight

I really can't chose. If Uchiha bros meet again it might be interesting depending on if Itachi can persuade Sasuke that tobi is just using him. But here I have a question? if Sasuke meets edo madara what does that do to his relationship with tobi? But back to the thread a Sasuke Madara fight would be incredible!

While watching Sasuke get Roflstomped by Madara would be fun, they have the exact same personalities... It'd be boring to read their conversations. Madara - "My hatred for Hashirama is greatest!" Sasuke - "Your thetford australia hatred for hashirama pales in comparison to my hatred of Konoha" Fans reaction -
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