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Cable News: Aqua TV Show Show and SAO to Premiere on [adult swim] and Toonami

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Two new premieres that are to air soon on Cartoon Network's late night programming blocks include Sword Art Online and Aqua TV Show Show. While there will be other premieres also appearing on the network, such as Children's Hospital, NTSF:SD:SUV::, or Squidbillies, this post will only discuss the two preferred shows that have been mentioned.

Sword Art Online (SAO) is set to premiere on Toonami (a subsidiary action block of [adult swim]) at 2/1c this Saturday on July 27. Throughout the week, Toonami has been promoting this series premiere with the following video:

The concept of this anime is unique to some of the other programming that has aired on Toonami, since the characters will have to survive in a MMORPG that has substituted regular life. If the characters (or players) fail to substantiate a living in the virtual world they must now participate in, not only will their game be terminated, but their life will come to an end as well. What else can we expect from this anime? Will there be boobs? Excessive gore? A strong plot? The series premiere is set to hold a TV-PG-LV rating. Oh, and one more thing- who's this guy going to be? Did the REAL MMORPG fans out there drool over his sword like I did?

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Aside from SAO, Aqua TV Show Show (the new name of the series for its 2013 season), is set to premiere on August 11 at 12/11c. This has been [adult swim]'s longest running original series, now arriving to its tenth run. Neither the network nor the writers (Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro) have decided whether or not they wish to end this series anytime soon. If any reader is unaware, Aqua Teen is an adult-animated cartoon that contains both absurd and surreal humor. The season premiere will likely hold a TV-MA rating.

A preview of Aqua TV Show Show's season premiere can be located and viewed at [adult swim]'s official website here:

In other news, Toonami was able to output another successful week with ratings based on its performance from July 20:

12:00AM Bleach: 1,086,000 Viewers; 0.8 Household Demographic

12:30AM Naruto 1,057,000 Viewers; 0.8 Household Demographic

01:00AM One Piece 1,103,000 Viewers; 0.8 Household Demographic

01:30AM Soul Eater 1,020,000 Viewers; 0.7 Household Demographic

02:00AM IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix 853,000 Viewers; 0.6 Household Demographic

02:30AM Eureka 7 772,000 Viewers; 0.5 Household Demographic

03:00AM Thundercats (2011) 780,000 Viewers; 0.5 Household Demographic

03:30AM Sym-Bionic Titan 730,000 Viewers; 0.5 Household Demographic

04:00AM Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 651,000 Viewers; 0.5 Household Demographic

04:30AM Cowboy Bebop 586,000 Viewers; 0.4 Household Demographic

05:00AM Inuyasha 672,000 Viewers; 0.5 Household Demographic

05:30AM Inuyasha 691,000 Viewers; 0.5 Household Demographic

TOTAL VIEWERSHIP: 10,001,000 Viewers

Primary Source for Ratings Information: TVbytheNumbers

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