Monday, July 22, 2013

Anime crushes!

Have any of you anime watchers ever have an anime crush?C'mon, don't lie... I know you do! xD

Just a warning, this is gonna be a total otaku fangirl-ish post so if that's not your cup of tea, the red 'X' button is on the top right corner (top left if you're a Mac user).

There's a lot of anime guys I admire but not necessarily swoon over.So to clarify, these are the anime guys that I find HOT, more or less.Sorry if this is super nerdy and crazy but that's how I felt about these dudes when I first saw them and still kinda do today. ()

The first guy is really special because I was this young girl watching her first anime series ever and I have never obsessed over an anime character as much as I obsessed over him.Just picture this, here's this little teen girl who, instead of fawning over the latest boy band, is instead is obsessing over an anime guy.xD

So this special honor goes to Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing!


Holy sh*t! I was super obsessed with this guy.And I know I'm throwing around the word 'obsessed' a lot but in this case, I really was.

The first time I watched Gundam Wing was once upon a time when a show called Toonami existed on Cartoon Network.

I thought he was so cool and idk, seems like in that time period, there were a lot of popular silent/cool anime guys.

I think I liked Heero so much because he was so badass.He seemed serious and cold on the outside but on the inside, he was a decent guy who had morals and knew what he was doing was f*cked up.That's probably why he was so willing to kill himself all the damn time.


Who doesn't like Inuyasha?He's a typical tsundere that's just so cute.He can also be really cool when he's serious.

Not only that, but he looks super hot.I mean, long silky white hair, liquid golden eyes, fluffy white ears?I'm not surprised there's so many doujinshi about him.


Ren has this special charisma that makes him so irresistible.He has many aspects to his personality and even after 200 chapters, he still retains a mystery about him. There aren't that many male shoujo manga characters that I anticipate reading in manga as much as him.

I feel like he stands out among shoujo male protagonists because of his deep personality that isn't fully understood and we're always wondering what he'll do next.I find it funny that the mangaka makes him ridiculously tall..It doesn't seem necessary considering how sexy he is already with that personality.


Where to begin...One could call Tidus my Final Fantasy gateway drug.xDThe first time I saw Tidus, I didn't think I have ever seen a more realistically beautiful character in a game, ever.

Before him, the majority of characters I had been exposed to were all the silent emo types.So his optimism and happy personality was a refreshing change; it also helped that he was cute as hell.


Here's a character that I like for slightly more shallow reasons.xPI mean, he's super handsome!Has anyone else noticed?Total hottie!

Noel is my dream come true of a realistic-looking with a more serious personality.He's also my ideal guy, being chivalrous, kind, and mature.

(I just noticed that for Final Fantasy characters, I seem to prefer the melee/warrior types. lmao)

ROY MUSTANGOmg, just let me marry his voice. lolIf there's any ultimate masculine character out there, it's Roy Mustang.He's so suave and handsome.I also find him funny when he gets teased by other characters and loses his cool.

And has anyone else seen him pissed?

Sexy level increased by 9000000000000000000000000000!!!

That's about all I can think of.Only these characters can make my inner otaku fan-girl scream.

Who are YOUR anime crushes? :3
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